Monday, March 29, 2010

And I Never Learned How to Read!

Okay, so obviously I did learn how to read. What I didn't learn was how to retain.

I have friends who feast on words (as well as The Word). I have parishioners who use reading to combat the dark shadows of migraines and depression. I even have one parishioner who enjoys reading so much that I sometimes give her books to read for me and she will write about a page and a half summary for me and let me know if I should read it myself or not.

Yes, I know how that makes me sound.

I know there is so much out there and I am missing most of it. I also know that for the preacher, reading is the fuel that keeps the sermons coming AND going somewhere. And so it is that I find myself trying to carve out the time to read.

I need direction, much like the perennial 'C' student who suddenly decides to apply herself and needs to be shown where the actual study section of the library is (rather than the section right by the front entrance where everyone sees you, then stops and chats). I have a few books that have been recommended to me that I am chipping away at, but I am open to your suggestions.

I have even added a section to this blog that is intended to engage my competitive streak in this fight for literacy. So far I have one book read, and one book in process. Pitiful, and yet it's a start.

And so for those of you who are readers, please forgive my ignorance and have patience with me as I slowly attempt to join your ranks. And for those of you who are not readers, but know you should be... wanna play too?


Katherine said...

I highly recommend joining GoodReads, and connecting with your RGBP friends there. It's a wonderful website, and you'll have more book recommendations from people whose taste you trust than you'll know what to do with.

The Vicar of Hogsmeade said...

GoodReads is a good suggestion for adding worthwhile books to the list.

I love to read and I am completely jealous of the church member who creates cliff notes for you. I really want one of those.

And, I'm not convinced that you have to read a lot to be a good preacher, pastor, or leader.

Teri said...

I love to read--it's my escape. Unfortunately, that means I have a harder time with those books that are not an escape but are part of my calling/job.
I also confess that I signed up for GoodReads and then don't use it at all. I can't keep up with all the different things right now. But I can definitely recommend books! And if you ever feel like sharing the book reports, I'd love to see them!! :-)

Songbird said...

Like Teri, I'm on GoodReads in name only. I haven't added a book there in ages. But I do keep up the list on my blog, and it keeps me reading. Well, except this week.

Jennifer said...

You make me smile.
All this in Holy Week.

DogBlogger said...

I'm like Teri and Songbird when it comes to GoodReads... I got invited by another RevGal but haven't done much with it. I'll be glad to connect with you on there, but I'm not sure I'll be any more active. We shall see, though!

nuevacantora said...


I loved reading as a kid. Somewhere along the line, I stopped liking it. I read magazines, cookbooks and blogs, but not books. Then I read a piece on the Duke Faith & Leadership blog about Wesley and supervision, and one of the things he'd written was about how terrible it was that a preacher didn't read.

So this morning I picked up a couple books as preparation for my EAster sermon, but it'd be lovely if I had a sense of how to make that a regular thing.

seethroughfaith said...

good for you :)