Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Marks of Growth

On the first night The Boy and I stayed in our new home I had him stand up against his bedroom door so I could mark his height on the frame. For me it was an intimate way to mark the house as our home. Already, in less than a year we have marked the frame again and seen how much he has grown.

As adults most of us don't mark our growth on the wall. Makes sense, since most adults I know have no desire to see that line start to move lower (or worse, outward!). Adults have other ways of marking their growth.

Recently I spent two weeks on continuing education that mirrored the continuing education I took two years ago. One was the revgalblogpals Big Event 3.0. The second is my lectionary study group that meets annually.

The environment and the participants at both events mirrored two years ago, allowing me to see the mark of where I had been and just how far I've grown. Two years ago I arrived on the aft deck of the BE 1.0 exhausted and beat up from feeling betrayed by my husband, my friend (and congregation member) and part of my congregation. The story has been told and doesn't need to be repeated; suffice to say the shock of betrayal had worn off and so ironically enough I was standing on a boat, yet drowning in grief.

Two years later I was met by a lot of the same women who prayed for me and propped me back up and let me know that I was not alone. It felt good to be so significantly better. It felt great to share in that victory with them and thank them for being the safe place where I can remember kicking off rock bottom. Next I moved on to my lectionary group and worshiped with them without weeping and no longer compulsively needed to show off my deep wounds.

I am grateful to no longer be looking back at what might have been; instead looking forward to whatever plans may be in store. And I am glad I took the opportunity to take note of the marks on the wall and give thanks to God for growth.


Betsy said...

Thanks be to God for the gift of seeing resurrection moments/paths, and for the growth you've discovered!

Mary Beth said...

thanks be to God!

(word verification is "aramen" - sort of an amen with ramen noodles?)

Deb said...

What Betsy said... and what is even more cool is that the healing that should take place amongst sibs in Christ DID happen with RevGals. Prayers for continued grace to pour into your life. <3

revhipchick said...

congratulations and amen!

Jennifer said...

What a blessing, to be receiving glimpses of new life!