Saturday, June 26, 2010


I'm in between stages of my own personal biathlon - 30 mile bike ride in the AM, 2 and a half softball games later. I did have a few blog posts bubble to the service while I was riding, so that was good. Of course I didn't write them down so... that's not so good. I do have a collection of a few thoughts.

The move from the Lancaster area to the Gettysburg one worked for me. Although they are both busy summer, Saturday morning tourist destinations most folks in Gettysburg are parked and in the battlefields. In Lancaster they are traveling on very narrow roads, looking for Amish rather than watching the bicyclist who's trying to avoid horse apples.

Although my inner 12 year old really missed those great Lancaster town names (Blue Ball, Intercourse, etc...)

Road kill is gross any time, but up close and personal with 4/5 of the senses involved - yuk.

Lancaster has more road kill.

If my own bike rides offered the high quality of volunteers feeding me from such a wonderful energy-giving spread, I would ride more often.

Please consider a donation!

Off to softball....

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