Monday, June 21, 2010

Return to the Land of Blog

One of the things I remember about blogging is that my mind started to think of blog posts as I journeyed through my day. Thanks to Facebook that soon became status updates and then Twitter arrived meaning I was trying to funnel creative thoughts into 140 characters or less. #frustrating

On a bike ride this past weekend I was having flashbacks to the posts I previously would create in my head while riding 50 miles to raise money for MS research. And so as I was riding through the countryside I attempted to push my brain past 140 characters.

I have a lightning bug post, that is a disaster, none the less I will probably post it at some point, as I try to get some of the writing rust off. I have some thoughts on families and who I consider to be in mine - also one for another day. I have the sermon I wanted to preach on Sunday, but the Spirit said 'no' so I'm hoping to at least get it written down somewhere. But I also have a lot of 140 character (give or take) thoughts that crossed my mind over an hour of bike riding...

- What masochist road designer had all of these steep downhills end at stop signs?

- I need to get my home life as organized as my professional life is, but I am not a full on 'J' (myers-Briggs) and I need a place to let my p-ness hang out ;) Can I possibly be happy if I only do that on vacations?

- My friend is arriving at the end of the month and needs some major TLC, but she is only in my presence for 24 hours. What is the best way to pamper her and give her some space to rest as well.

- I can't believe it's only been 3 years since I came home to that awful letter on my door. 3 years... wow. Just, wow.

- The good news here is I can tell I am lighter on the bike than I was on the first ride of the season... still, pretty sure Lance Armstrong doesn't hit his belly with his legs (d'oh).

- When I first started riding my bike I wore shorts over my bike shorts and a t-shirt. Now I wear a bike shirt and bike shorts. It's not that I look any better, it's that I just don't care... and quite frankly, no one is looking at me anyway.

- No one is looking at me anyway. Am I ok with that? I guess I have to be. Besides, more than another life partner what I really need is support staff.

- I'll just keep telling myself that lie, maybe eventually I'll believe it.

And then near the end of the ride....

- Wow. This is going really well. I feel great! Maybe I should add the extra loop BAM!!!

sh*t. Flat tire.

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Mark Smith said...

In the hilly Connecticut town my mother grew up in, all intersections have 3-way stops. The UPHILL direction is the one without the stop sign - so that you don't lose momentum. Makes a big difference in the snow.