Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Reverend Church Dork

Recently Jan at Church for Starving Artists had a great post up about 'Church Dorkitude'. As someone who was baptized in the church her parents were married in, survived babyfold, numerous VBS weeks complete with flannelgraphs, toured with the handbell choir and was president of the youth group (whatever that means) - I know of what she speaks.

I walk into a church - especially a Presbyterian one - and I belong. I understand the rhythms of the liturgical seasons (not to mention knowing what liturgical means), I know why on the second Sunday of December a church may not be singing Christmas hymns, and despite the creativity they offer, I cannot help but shudder a bit when a screen descends from on high.

I admit to finding it confusing when I run into folks who have no idea what all of those things are. I get that a lot of folks aren't going to church any more, but when I see people come into church (usually for a baptism) who clearly have no idea even how to fake it, it stuns me. And as I commented at Jan's post, when I have a Sunday off I don't go out to breakfast or the Farmer's Market or anywhere, because I don't want the confirmation of just how irrelevant who I am (minister, the ultimate Church Dork) is.

Is what I do in any way, shape or form relevant or am I just being paid to produce a habitat for the endangered Church Dork species?

More importantly, how do I do a better job of relating to the world and the people in it, not in the name of proselytism but rather because the world is a better place when we take the time to know one another and understand one another.

It's taken me a long time to not be even a little bit ashamed of the whole Church Dork part of my label. But I think more importantly,the challenge is to not let this part of who I am keep me from learning about who other people are.


Songbird said...

I do think we are at risk of becoming quaint, but I am with you in feeling screens are not the necessary solution to that problem.

ElastiGirl said...

this is very relevant and necessary to ponder... I usually dodge at least a dozen bicyclists on my way to church every Sunday and I wonder what I would be doing if I was not such a church dork. I served on a team that did Teen Revivals when I was in HS...