Friday, June 11, 2010

RevGalBlogPals Friday Five: Working Out Edition

Mompriest over at revgalblogpals writes:

For this Friday Five let's ponder the various ways we work out (or not), physically, spiritually, and/or psychologically.

1. Do you work out physically, spiritually, or psychologically? (I'll let you define what that might mean to you)
Of the three, working out physically is where I am the strongest. I try to exercise every day in some way, shape or form. On a good day that includes treadmill and some work with weights (believe me, you could not tell this from looking at me). I also play softball (not exactly physically daunting, but an athletic endeavor none-the-less) and have signed up to ride my bike to raise money for MS research.

2. Are you more inclined to join a gym, or a book club?
Gym. BUT, I am trying to make a concerted effort to read more in an effort to exercise that part of my brain more.

3. Are you more inclined to read self-help books like Gail Sheehy's "Passages" or spiritual books like Richard Rohr or Theresa of Avila? And if so, what is your favorite?
Ummmm... I said I was reading more, but I'm not there yet (::bowing head sheepishly::).

4. Are you a loyal fan of a sports team? Or do you join the bandwagon when the local team is winning? And, if so, which one?
I have gone from being a rabid fan of all things sports to re-prioritizing my choices. When it is a gorgeous October Sunday afternoon and you are inside flipping between 3 football games instead of enjoying God's Creation, it's time to regroup.

That said, I am still a NY GIANTS fan and the year I made the proclamation that I was unplugging from the world of professional/Division I football is the year they last won the Super Bowl. And so yes, you'd better believe I watched that year.

I also will turn on any baseball game that I can find and enjoy the addition its presence adds to the rhythm of my evening. If the Mets are on, I tend to root for them.

5. Or do you lean more toward having a favorite theologian/Spiritual writer or self help author and if so, who? And, why.
Please see my answer to #3 (::bowing head sheepishly::).

Bonus: What was the last play-off series you watched and did your team win?
It was probably the World Series, and at that point I was returning to my childhood roots and once again rooting for the Yankees.


Mary Beth said...

I'm loving your book reviews! Keep 'em coming.

Mompriest said...

I kept thinking of you as I wrote this meme and almost added baseball - but thought it was already too complicated. We have our crosstown series in Chicago this weekend - always fun when the two local baseball teams play each other! And hey, don't hang your head - you do plenty!! where would we be without some kind of a learning curve in life? Me, I really could do with a lot less learning, though...good play!