Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Sights

We are only weeks away from the one year mark of being in this home. We basically live in a construction zone with a few other homes/townhomes built and the only fields being marked with lot numbers. They are wide, open spaces - for now. There was a lot of joy and relief that came with our move here last year, but I did recognize right away there was one thing missing - no lightning bugs.

We moved from 'the country' complete with vast fields of corn and other produce (not to mention manure). I always thought the great irony of the country was that there was SO much land but not really any place to play. But when we drove home at dusk during the summer months and looked out at the fields they looked like they were coated in pixie dust. And in the dark evening, while walking the dog up and down the driveway, the trees sparkled with their yellow, pulsing decor. There were lightning bugs everywhere.

The move plunged us from hectic to controlled chaos as two households combined into one, Gram left in the midst of it to meet her new grandson, I continued to work in a new Call full time and The Boy adjusted to life in a new space. My dad was in the house for a month and then his health prevented him from returning.

In the midst of it all I took note of the lack of lightning bugs, but had no time to think about it or search them out. Every day was a merciless checklist with 'pass out cold' written at the bottom of each day.

As we approach the one year mark in this home our lives continue to be busy, but I would hardly use the word 'hectic'. We've even voluntarily added more chaos to our home, with the addition of a puppy to go with our veteran dog. A puppy's high energy requires more walks, the longer the better and I have been pleased to note that the lightning bugs are back.

And I am grateful to be in a place to notice.

(And how weird is that when I sat down to write this post, that obnoxious 'Firefly' song came on the radio.)


Katherine said...

Having moved back to the midwest after 8 years in firefly-free California, I nearly cried when I saw one at dusk last week.

Silent said...

I've just been listening to a book on CD where fireflies are an image of how God can do the impossible. When this character, who grew up in a firefly-less place, learns that fireflies are real, he says, "If fireflies are real, God can do anything." (or something to that effect)

The book itself isn't amazing, but it seemed like an appropriate thing to share in light of your post!

Kathrynzj said...

Silent, I love this. thank you.