Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cloud of Witnesses

We attended a family reunion this past weekend that brought together three generations of family. I realize that is actually not a lot of generations. We only recently lost the last ones from my grandparents' generation.

It was the first time this group had gathered and my mother's generation was the oldest one there. My aunts and uncles commented on this kind of rolling their eyes as now the 40 year olds are the ones they remember holding when they came home from the hospital.

The family gathered all extends from four brothers, my generations' grandfathers. We have seen each other sporadically throughout the years so although at first re-introductions needed to be made it was easy to remember after that. Well, mostly easy except for the kids. There were a lot of kids.

At one point I looked up as my cousin's son walked past. He looked SO MUCH like his father at the same age that I almost fell into a time warp, reminding myself that I was not 10 so that could not be my cousin. My other cousin has a son who had me repeat a similar pattern. My own son with his dimples and mannerisms does the same for my aunts and uncles as they are instantly reminded of me.

The time warp moved the other direction too as my sister's son looks a lot like my father. And as one of my Mom's cousins walked in and saw her sitting across the pool she caught her breath thinking it was my grandmother.

That generation might not have physically been there, but they were. They were there in the amount of photos being taken, just like they would. They were there in the images of young faces. They were there in that an effort was made to come together and see each other again at all.

They were there and at some points in our time together it was palpable.

I had to be talked into going to this reunion. I am glad my Mom pushed a little bit and I am glad my sister and cousin decided to go, thereby convincing me to go if for no other reason than so I could see them. It was good to see everyone and I hope we don't wait as long to do it again.


Reformed Catholic said...

Such a great story. My screen got all blurry reading it. It brought back the last 'full' family reunion we had before my father & his siblings passed on. We hadn't had a reunion like this for years.

A cousin and I basically forced the issue, and many of our generation had to be convinced to attend.

Afterwards they thanked us for pushing for the reunion, especially since one of my uncles passed not long after.

Attend as many as you can ... you'll cherish the memories later.

Songbird said...

Those pictures of the boys and their cousins are *beautiful*!!

KirstenQ said...

It wouldn't have been the same without you. (or Will)