Friday, July 9, 2010

RevGalBlogPals Friday Five: Forgetful Jones Edition

As posted by Songbird:

a) What's the last thing you forgot?
Ummmmm.... the answer to this question.

e) How do you keep track of appointments?
Calendar, calendar, calendar - and I keep track of them on a big one supplied by my denomination that shows the whole month. I tried to do one on my phone and it is just too small. I like to look at a month at a time.

i) Do you keep a running grocery list?
Yes. And the rule in our household is of 3 - meaning if you are standing there about to get to the store and you hit 3 items needed, it's time to write them down.

o) When forced to improvise by circumstances, do you enjoy it or panic?
Somewhere in between. I like a good plan, but I have confidence in my abilities to improvise.

u) What's a memory you hope you will never forget?
The joyful tears when my son arrived in the delivery room, sleeping overnight the first time in our new house, fireworks.


river song said...

Your a) was the same as mine and... fireworks!!! who can forget them? Clearly I did not forget to come over here and check your answers--thanks for playing!

Jules said...

We have that same rule of three in our house. Three things from the store is a list. Don't tell me; write it down.

RevDrKate said...

Liked a, and u a LOT!

Songbird said...

I like u a lot, too. But what are these lists of which you speak?