Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bus Practice

We had school bus riding practice last night. The Boy, his Dad and I joined forces and dove into the process of Kindergarten (and more important, New Parent) orientation. It was fun.
Okay, it was fun with a touch of terrifying. :)

But The Boy jumped up and down while holding our hands and SANG ever so quietly on the bus both to the school and back.

He's excited! And for him, so am I.


Songbird said...

I love his big boy haircut.

Mompriest said...

I love that you had practice school bus riding...we didn't have that in our district when my kids were young and it was terrifying to send them on the bus. In fact I drove them for the first week until the bus had the route down and all the mistakes were over...of course I ran the risk that they'd forget the stop where my kids got on and off...sigh...

That said, looks like all will go well for you and your son as he begins this exciting new phase of life!