Friday, August 13, 2010

Revgalsblogpals Friday Five: Dog Days of Summer Edition

1. What is the weather like where you live?
I believe the theological term is: ass-hot.
Finally, yesterday we received some rain that the plants, gardens and earth drank up and we hope there is more today.

2. Share one thing you love about this time of year.
The fresh veggies and fruit.

3. Share one thing you do NOT love about this time of year.
The hot and the humid.
I actually make a conscious choice to not complain about the cold in winter so that I am totally free and clear to whine all I want to about the heat and humidity. YUK!

4. How will you spend the remaining days leading up to Autumn?
Getting ready - mind, body and spirit - to send The Boy to full day Kindergarten in (gulp!) 2 weeks!

5. Share a good summer memory.
A recent one is our trip to the beach this summer. It was our first attempt at that type of trip with my sister and her family and it was just about everything we had hoped it would be. I look forward to many more in the future.

A favorite distant summer memory is playing outside until it got dark out. We were often in the street playing some kind of ball game and no one wanted to ever admit that they actually could no longer see the ball. And when the adults would come out and play I remember it being so much fun that I would think to myself that I hoped it would stay forever at that magical point between daylight and night.

Bonus: What food says SUMMER to you?
New Jersey sweet corn and tomatoes, absolutely!


mid-life rookie said...

I also remember those neighborhood games. We had unofficial seasons - softball, Hide & Seek, Blind Man's Bluff, kickball.

I'm glad your beach trip was all you hoped for. Blessings on sending the little man off to school. Enjoy this milestone if you can.

MumPastor said...

Your #3 made me laugh, because I am the complete opposite! I have to bite my tongue sometimes, but I will NOT complain that I am too hot, because all winter long I am too cold! Great play...and we took that kindergarten step last year. Bittersweet. That's one more reason I love summer - don't have to send my girls off to school every morning! it will come again.

RevDrKate said...

I am more with mumpastor on the weather choices...guess that's what makes life interesting, but so totally agree on that summer produce!

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

thanks for the reminder of streetball summer games! yeah - good times that ...
and so glad for you that the beach trip was the type of memories you'll value later ;)

altar ego said...

Theological term, absolutely! Glad you have the chance to vacation with family. That's not an option for us. I live vicariously through others. (grin).

Adorable picture!

Deb said...

NJ sweet corn --- I wrote about my summer memories of that in my play!

Jan said...

Such a sweet picture!

Your baby going to kindergarten is a moment you'll always remember!

SingingOwl said...

What great answers! Your memory stirred a few in me too. Tomatoes and corn--OH YEAH!

Stratoz said...

I second you vote on veggies. Been celebrating local produce as of late.