Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Traditional or Modern

While married, The Boy's Dad and I would celebrate anniversaries by checking the lists for what to give on such occasions. There are two lists: traditional and modern. Usually we went with traditional. Our first anniversary (traditional: paper) we bought tickets to a baseball game. Our second anniversary (traditional: cotton) we bought each other a clothing item. Our third anniversary (traditional: leather) we each got belts. I realize those three sound particularly tame, but remember I was in seminary. A new shirt was HUGE! Our fifth anniversary (traditional: wood) we were both out and working and so we bought our first piece of Grown Up furniture, a hutch.

I wouldn't ordinarily remember this type of thing except he meticulously wrote down the gifts in a book that organizes birthdays and cards, and I still have that book.

It's interesting that we did not really dabble in the 'modern' column of gifts as that is exactly what our family has become. It is certainly not traditional. He lives 5 miles away with his wife. I live in a townhome with The Boy and my Mom. Day by day we make it work, some days go better than others. The Boy's entry into Kindergarten has offered a lot of new territory for us to negotiate, with there being far less of The Boy's time to divide up between parents who are both eager to play a significant role in our child's life.

I do wonder when the year will come that I don't remember it's our anniversary. It's today. And it would have been 14. The book says that the traditional gift is ivory. The modern gift is gold jewelry.

But I think I will just go out and buy a new birthday card organizer.


Sally said...

funny where life leads us isn't it :-)

DogBlogger said...

Yep, new card organizer.


Martha Hoverson said...

Sounds like a plan. :-)

Kathryn said...

I'm avoiding the gift of an unwanted silver salver...it's 25 for us, and you know I'd as soon be buying a card organiser too.
Hugs and loves xxx

Jules said...

You Grown-Up, you.

]* (shoulder chuck)

KirstenQ said...

You want to organize? I think a Chik-fil-A milkshake might be more fun. And for the cost of the card organizer you could have 2 or 3 at least.... a party!

Anonymous said...

I'm with DB on this one - lymi

zorra said...

Splurge and get a really nice one.


Mary Beth said...

definitely get something YOU love. :)