Wednesday, September 1, 2010

#6 - Does not complete homework

My son's Kindergarten class has a fairly intricate disciplinary system. On a wall there is a chart with pockets, every child has a pocket and in every pocket are three cards - green, yellow and red. In the morning when they come in everyone starts on green. If there are any issues throughout the day the child may need to turn their card to yellow or red. In the folder in their backpack that they bring home every day is a calendar and the calendar lets the adults at home know how the day went - green, yellow or red. The latter two are accompanied by an explanation.

The whole system reminded me of the numbers that were put on our quarterly report cards to help communicate with our parents how we were doing socially in the classroom. I remember the three I received the most:
#6 - Does not complete homework.
#7 - Does not follow directions.
#9 - A joy to have in class (or something like that, I didn't get that one as much as the first two)

When I pulled out the calendar report for my son I was HORRIFIED to see that he had received a yellow sticker on the second day of school and a RED sticker on the first day of school. HOW DID THIS SWEET-DIMPLED ANGEL CHILD RECEIVE A RED ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL?!?!?!?

Seeing my panic rise, my Mom pointed out that the background color of the square was green. The sticker was a smiley face. At the end of the day if your square is green you get a smiley faced sticker.

All of this I would have known if I had read the letter that was sent home (#6)... and followed the directions (#7).


Teri said...


Glad he's doing well so far...hope you are too.

(for the record, my quarterly reports came home with the "talks to much" box checked, almost always with the explanatory note "tries to teach the class." Oh yeah.)

Anonymous said...

We do that card thing here too. Must be the latest thing.

Mary Beth said...

It's never too late to read the instructions. Or, wait...maybe it is. :)

Silent said...

I think it's kind of funny how sometimes we don't change. I haven't found my old report cards lately, but have seen my husband's. Many of his say, "Doesn't put things away," "Has trouble using his inside voice," "Tendency to get off task and not use time wisely." His kindergarten teacher had him pegged! :)

KirstenQ said...

That is really funny. Go green will. Go green.

Lomagirl said...

It's so complex, isn't it? My son's kindergarten classroom has 5 colors, I think. He cam home yellow on the second or third day because another boy said my son had hit him- but they were playing Star Wars, and it wasn't meant as a hit. I told my son I thought the teacher understood that.
He's been green ever since.