Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Cabinet

Does anyone remember when the upstairs living space of my then new home looked like this?

It's come a long, long way.

Part of how I got there was by boxing up items that had been out and about in my old home and banishing them to the basement. The idea was that one at a time - and as needed - I would bring them back up. Or live without them and this summer we are going to do a MAJOR basement sort: recycle/rummage/keep.

During this Christmas I found a box that said this:

I was pretty excited because I new it contained one of my favorite pieces, a vase that my Mom bought me years ago. And then I saw the other side of the box which had this on it:

And I just had to smile... because who would put a cabinet in a box?

Actually, I have a group of colleagues and friends who bolstered me through the misery that was the end of Volume I and supported me until I was ready to begin Volume II. Each and every one of them has a life of their own and yet they consistently came to my rescue whether it be helping pick out clothes, painting my new office or drinking coffee and listening. After awhile we began to call them The Cabinet and for my Installation Celebration and the LAST party at the house where I previously lived I presented them all pink t-shirts that had a picture of a pew loaded with purses on the front and this list on the back:








We are mostly still in the same area and we stay in touch and meet up as much as we can, but the greatest gift is knowing that if any of us need it, The Cabinet is there.

Who's in your Cabinet?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking a question that caused me to think of those I would put on my list with a smile.

Perhaps, the side of that box needs to be framed one day as a reminder.

Songbird said...

So glad they were there for you.