Thursday, January 13, 2011


It was started for your sister.
Of course, as you wrap the handmade blanket around you, you don’t know that.
Nor do you know her.

Born too soon to make it in this realm, she was here long enough for plans to be made and projects begun. A gender-neutral tan and white gem took form in the knowing and loving hands of Gram… then sadly, and carefully, put away.

We gave thanks at the news of your ray of hope on the way, Gram returned to the blanket, all of her love poured into it… occasionally allowing herself to exhale as she continued to create.

Others might protect a future heirloom such as this... but when you reach for it for comfort, as you lie feverish on the couch, we smile knowingly to ourselves and sense another presence.

It warms our hearts beyond words to know that what was once begun for her is now a gift of comfort to you.


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Jules said...

Gorgeous. Wistful, joyful, sad, and sacred all at once.

revhipchick said...

beautiful. i hope one day you might share this with your son.

i lost a son before having my 3 girls--they all know about him and amazingly he is very real to them (all of us) in a special way. it's a blessing.

thank you for sharing this intimate piece of your life with us.
peace be with you.

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Magdalene6127 said...

Gave me chills. (o)