Friday, January 14, 2011

RevGalBlogPal Friday Five: Trying to get up Edition

Singing Owl writes: Where I am it is dark, and it is cold, and it is snowing. I really wanted to stay in bed with the electric blanket cranked this morning. Share five things that made getting out of bed worthwhile for you today!

With a groggy-induced headache, massive emails to whittle down and a sermon looming... this is going to be hard.

  1. My dog is in the office.
  2. A reminder that I can get out of bed.
  3. Slowly I am settling the details of the announcement of a staff transition down.
  4. The men's Bible study left coffee cake.
  5. Getting up means that soon I can experience the sweet joy of getting back IN bed.


revhipchick said...

hope your headache goes away soon and that the coffeecake is scrumptious!

SingingOwl said...

Ow, sorry about the headache! Hope it is all better things from here on through the day!

RevDrKate said...

Oooh...yeah, number 5, there just are days like that. Hope the head's better soon. Hard to write well with pain.

angela said...

I like the brevity. And hints at lots of layers in your life. May all go well. Better.

Jan said...

Like Angela, I like the brevity. The thought of going back into bed sounds heavenly. Hope you feel better.

Joolie said...

Yes to #5! I often give thanks for my body working well, because some mornings, having to pee is the only thing that gets me up.

Woman In Cute Shoes said...

Hope your feeling better and your headache took a hike.