Saturday, January 22, 2011

Volume I

I've been hesitant to use this blog. To borrow a phrase from a sister blogger, it's not all of me.

I have another blog that began in 2005 and detailed a lot of who I was and where I was then through right before now. There are reasons - good ones - why I left it behind and made the decision for a little less anonymity rather than being surprised when it was eventually found.

My personality is often 'all or nothing' and so rather than do nothing, I left it all behind. But I think I am going to start to pull in some of the pieces from there and place them into here.

If nothing else, I now have a way to procrastinate from sermon writing for WEEKS (months?) to come.

My apologies if you have a blog reader. :)


Mary Beth said...

I'm glad.

kathrynzj said...

Aww thanks. :)

One of the big bummers is leaving the comments behind. I can find your first comments and Songbird and St. Casserole and Vicar and so many others.


Songbird said...

At least the comments are still there. As you know, I hesitated to leave Typepad, knowing I would lose them.
Just be sure you put old dates on the posts, and it won't be too bad for the feed reader types.