Friday, June 3, 2011

RevGalBlogPals Friday Five: Summer Rerun Edition

From Songbird over at the revgals....
It's that time of year when the only new things on television are music/dance competitions (the 21st century answer to variety shows?). Yes, it's the season of reruns.

This week the clock turned back to last fall and the Glee kids went back to school and still got "slushied," and Michael hired his nephew on The Office, which was not something even he would be likely to repeat.

In honor of this annual Time Warp, please share five things worth a repeat. These could be books, movies, CDs, recipes, vacations, or even TV shows

5) I remember as a kid reading Trumpet of the Swan a LOT.
4) I watched FRIENDS so much that my friend and I actually taped the repeats. We had taped them pausing on the commercials (pre-kids, can you tell?) so when we sat down to watch a tape, 8 HOURS later we could still be found sitting on the couch, very much having to pee but there were NO commercial breaks to do it in.
3) I have a few songs that remind me of certain people or certain moments and I like to listen to those.
2) Christmas is filled with re-run recipes.
1) We are hoping the beach will be a vacation trip we repeat every summer.


Wendy said...

Ha! Your Friends story reminds me of this episode of Friends...

Songbird said...

#4 is funny. I am lol-ing. Well, chuckling. :-)

kathrynzj said...

Wendy, I know exactly which one you speak.

Phoebe: Xanadu!!!
Chandler: She's one of us now.