Friday, January 6, 2012

RevGalBlogPals Friday Five - The A-Ha Moments

It was my turn over at revgalblogpals to post the Friday Five and what is on my mind are those A-ha moments in our lives that bring clarity.
They can be mundane - a realization that you like/don't like a certain food or that you really look good in that color you never had the guts to try. They can be sacred - a way to better pace your day clicks into place or finally a devotion or meditation practice that really works for you. They can be profound - the moment you realized he/she was the one (or wasn't)or the moment you realized where your deepest passion could meet the world's greatest need.

And so here are a few of mine:

5) There was a distinct moment on a 5th grade playground where I looked up and realized that the only girl playing soccer with the boys was me. This moment could have gone either direction. And in a moment that seemed like courage, but was really well-placed cowardice, I continued to play soccer. Why? Because infiltrating the gossip huddles of girls seemed like a far worse fate than being pegged as a tomboy.

4) It is fun to be funny. I'm not sure what age I was but I'm going to go with upper grade school and the extended family was gathered around a round table at our favorite Chinese food place. My grandfather opened up his fortune cookie which said: You have a magnetic personality; to which I responded by saying, "Ah, that just means your socks have static cling."
My grandmother laughed until she wept.

It felt awesome and powerful.

3) Another a-ha was when I learned that although my sense of humor was a handy weapon to have, it would be better to use it for good instead of evil.

2) After decades of claiming that God is over all and clearly not in the details I had a massive A-HA that proved God is in the very minutia of every detail.

1) I know what I want to be and who I want to be with and finally this past holiday season the path became clearer on how to get there. For this, I am incredibly thankful and hopeful.


Holly said...

I am glad for you clarity, and your sense of humor!

Martha Spong said...

I used to would have argued with you about #2, but not anymore.

Pastor Julia said...

I like funny and I like you and your A-has! Thanks for posting these.

Mary Beth said...

Love this and ESP. 1