Tuesday, July 2, 2013


A post participant in the 2013 revgalblogpals Blog Carnival:

What does Galship mean to you?
kj, s-l, sb
It means support.
It means side-splitting laughter.
It means 'safe place'.
It means community.

I almost didn't get on the boat for the 2008 BE. I was so broken and hurt and empty from a public and isolating divorce. I had met only a few of the revgals in person and I just knew I wasn't good for anybody. I made myself go anyway.

Here's what I wrote after we returned from that trip:

  • If you are feeling lower and lower because you are seeing yourself from someone else's point of view, then by all means switch viewpoints!
  • Just because you cannot actually see or touch people does not mean they aren't there, and that they don't care incredibly deeply for you. I was absolutely stunned by how many of the BE participants not only knew who I was and what I was going through but couldn't wait to see me to make sure I was ok. Wow.
  • People who possess the spiritual gift of 'being there' and allow you to swing wildly off center (for me that's loud, constantly talking, and 'because I'm 12' jokes) so that you can return to a healthy center, truly encompass God's grace. (April 17, 2008)
I am in a much better place now professionally and personally. Galship is the support system that helped me kick off rock bottom and get here.

Thank you revgalblogpals. Thank you.

Another quote from April 2008:
I think what we encountered was Sacred Space; a place to be where we needed to be with no judgment and plenty of mercy. Throw in the midnight buffet and I think I just described the banquet table in heaven. 


Jan said...

I love this! Wonderful links to the past, too.

Amy+ said...

The Chia tattoos!! I was looking for that pic to post but my pics are a mess. So happy to include you in the Wed Fest - <3 I had forgotten the "BC I"m 12" jokes - makes me grin just remembering

Deb said...

<3 Prayed from afar when you were in the midst... grateful for all the blessings God has poured down on you since! :)

Teri said...


revkjarla said...

that last quote from April 2008 is perfectly you, and perfectly Galship. xo

zorra said...

And let's hope there's a dance floor in heaven, too. :)