Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Sacred and the Profane

My guess is every profession when mixed with the personal can get a bit surreal.

I can only speak for mine - clergy - and this past week had its definite moments of surreal. The Boy had a project due for school and so the week was peppered with time spent on that. I tried to do that parent dance where you suggest things for the project, but don't push things on the project (admittedly his decision to skip my suggestion of a 3d addition to his poster was a wise one).

In the middle of picking out pictures and printing them out the phone rang. It was the niece of a beloved parishioner - he had been admitted to hospice. I found out the details, hung up the phone... found the glue and the scissors and kept the project going.


My wife has been balancing parish and editing a book and running an organization and parenting... I don't know how she does it.

I'm exhausted by the sacred.
And the profane.

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Lomagirl said...

I once wrote a poem that began-
Between the sacred and profane
lies the realm of the mundane.
And it is here we chiefly dwell,
halfway to heaven, halfway to hell.

It went on from there, but that's the only bit I have memorized.