Friday, February 19, 2016

Toil and Spin

And why do you worry about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin... ~ Matthew 6:28

The other day Will and I realized that Teddy (the 1 year old lab mix) was being quiet... too
How do you get mad at this dog?
quiet. Fortunately we were able to track Teddy down. Unfortunately... it was Will's winter hat that had been keeping him so busy. The hat was no longer, and as we looked for a new one we found out that according to the stores, winter is no longer either. Everything is cleared out for spring clothing.

By now, we're used to retail looking ahead (Christmas decorations in August anyone?), but what about us? Sometimes I feel like I am trying to keep pace with a frenetic mechanical rabbit that I can't quite see, but I know is up there... and I'm doing all I can to catch it.

"Consider the lilies of the field," Jesus said, "they neither toil nor spin..."
Sure... but they didn't have a gymnastics meet and a birthday party and a church committee and an overtime commitment at work booked all at the same time, either.

When I think of the phrase 'toil and spin' I think of a spinning top. At first, if done well, the top turns with ease and perfect balance, but eventually things start to wobble a bit and the top has to toil to stay spinning, eventually falling down on its side. It then gets picked back up and is spun again, hopefully in a way that once again gives it balance.

Only you know what the right spin is for you and your family to keep its balance. My hope is that it includes keeping in a relationship with God and your church family. My hope is that it includes times when your family is together and paying attention to one another. My hope is that it includes times when you are able to be comfortable with time spent by yourself.

My hope, for all of us, is less toil and spin, and more balance.

Peace be with you,

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